Hotaxe is produced & sold by Neterix

How it works

We recognise that offering a WiFi service to customers has a great benefit when competing for custom, whether you charge for it or offer it as a complimentary service.

Hotaxe can provide controlled Internet access for businesses of all sizes, from a small B&B to large hotels. It is designed to be highly configurable and secure. We can design a wireless network to your exact specifications and requirements.

Easy To Use

Hotaxe has been designed with simplicity in mind, making it quick and easy to add guests as they arrive. Enter some basic information about the user and how long they will require access. Hotaxe generates an account with a unique password for the user and automatically removes it after the expiry date. This ensures that users only have access whilst YOU allow it.

Stay 100% In Control

Once you've installed Hotaxe, you chose how it is operated. You can provide guests with free access during their stay or sell access and keep ALL of the revenue. Both commercial and free modes are included in the package and you can change how it operates at the click of a button.

Logging Activity

Logging of user Internet activity, that is the sites visited and NOT the content can be done locally to your computer or remotely to our servers. Should you ever get that dreaded knock on the door from the police or a solicitor's letter you will be able to show via timed and dated logs who accessed the site in question.  All logs are encrypted and would only be looked at when there is reason to do so. This removes the concern some owners have that guests may feel their access is being 'snooped on'.