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Legal implications of providing Internet access

If you are allowing others to use your network to access the Internet you need to be aware of this act. It places new legal obligations on Internet Service Providers (ISP) to monitor and report copyright infringing behaviour.

You may think that you are not an ISP. However if someone using your Internet connection downloads material that infringes copyright (Music, films) or in a worse case material that constitutes a criminal offence your ISP will identify YOU as the culprit. Their records will show your connection as being responsible and will be legally obliged to release your details to the appropriate authorities. The legal letter or police visit will be to YOUR premises.

As the subscriber of the ISP you may be liable for allowing another person to infringe copyright using your connection and for not taking measures to protect it from such threats.

The Digital Economy Act 2010 formalised the requirements of ‘service providers’, requiring them to act responsibility. The implications of the Act sound serious and they are, but there is no need to be afraid of them. Take sensible precautions and you can avoid all the worry. That is what Hotaxe is designed to do.