Hotaxe is produced & sold by Neterix

Control what your users can access

All our Hotaxe systems log user activity, meaning any malicious or inappropriate use can be traced back to a user. At the request of some of our customers, we are now also offering a content filtering service. This service works alongside the managed hotspot and restricts what sites users can access when using your Internet connection.

Our standard package prevents access to malicious, illegal and adult content. We continually update our servers to help maintain an up-to-date list.

For businesses, we also offer the ability to block additional categories including social media, webmail, job listings and many others. For further information on what we can control, please get in touch.

Subscriptions start from £4.99 per month or £50 per year. To get this service, or discuss any custom requirements you may have, please get in touch.


Hotaxe was designed with simplicity in mind. The software allows you to add users quickly and not worry about removing users once they have left. You also stay in full control of how you provide access, complimentary or sold.


Using our content filtering service, you can stop users from visiting sites containing malicious software, adult material and other materiel you don’t want people accessing from your Internet connection.


Our enterprise range is the ideal solution for businesses, large residential sites and conferences. Provide controlled access with bandwidth management to ensure each user gets their fair share.